7 Beach Outfits for Men That Will Turn Heads This Summer

  • Jul 03

Planning a beach trip for the summer? Do not forget to plan your perfect beach outfits to get those amazing selfies for instagram! Not sure what to wear for the beach trip? Well, we are here for you.

Discover everything you need to know about beach outfits for men, accessories and how to style yourself according to the occasion in this blog! Keep reading to know more.

Types Of Men’s Beach Attire Wear

There are various activities to do on a beach, including leisurely lying around. Each type of activity requires a different level of physical involvement, and hence, there are different types of beach wear for men.

Beach outfits for men can be broadly segregated into 4 types according to the style:

Casual beach wear

When you are heading to the beach to relax and chill, you need comfortable clothes that will keep you cool. Wear boxer shorts to keep your legs free in case you might want to enter the water. Shorts are also comfortable for chilling in a beach chair and sipping your favourite cocktails. You can pair your boxer shorts with a tank top and an open shirt for casual yet fashionable beach clothes for men. 

Ready-to-swim outfits

If you are planning to take a dip in the ocean or go surfing in the waves, it is better to wear swimming shorts or athletic shorts that have a snug fit. This will allow you to comfortably enjoy water sports without worrying about wet shorts sticking to your body. According to the beach vibe, you can wear a simple T-shirt, tank top or neither. 

Sporty coastal look

Your beach trips are not just about sitting on the beach, right? You can go cafe hopping, shopping at the local market, or exploring the tropical landscape. For such activities, you can don a casual and fun co-ord set. These are comfortable and stylish at the same time. You can choose vibrant colours and patterns to feel the coastal vibe.

Nautical look for men

If you plan to go on a cruise or boat ride, what would be better than chino shorts, a crisp shirt, and a wide-brimmed hat? This nautical look will increase the fun of your voyage! Wear neutral colours to escape the heat in the middle of the sea and wear sunglasses to avoid reflection from the water. 

7 Men's Beach Outfits Inspiration For All Occasions

Here are some beach outfit ideas that you can consider if you are planning a trip to the coastal region:

1. Men's Multicolour Printed Casual Shirt

This multicolour printed half sleeve casual shirt is perfect for beach vacations. Its comfortable cotton fabric is breathable and airy. You can also wear it for daytime activities and dinner parties.

2. Blue Tropical Prints Boxer Shorts For Men

If you are looking for a beach dress for men, these tropical print blue boxer shorts are the ultimate beach wear. The colour and prints have a coastal vibe, and you can wear them to relax on the beach, go shopping, or do adventure activities.

3. Men's Blue Printed Slim Fit Co-ord Set

Co-ord sets are the perfect beach dress for men. You can easily dress up or dress down a co-ord set, making it ideal for all occasions. Wear it with flip-flops and a hat for a casual daytime look. Pair it with loafers or shoes for dinner parties or cruise rides.

4. Men Brown Printed Boxer Shorts

If you want a neutral outfit, you can pair these brown printed boxer shorts with a white shirt and jute hat. This look will be ideal for a relaxing day by the sea.

5. Men Light Blue Printed Boxer Shorts

These light blue printed boxer shorts are perfect for a beach vacation. You can easily carry your sunglasses and sunscreen in your pocket. It has elastic on the waist for optimum comfort.

6. Men's Aqua & Navy Blue Printed Casual Shirt

The funky fish print on this aqua & navy blue colour printed shirt screams off the beach and islands. It has a relaxed fit to give a cool and casual look for your beach vacation.

7. Multi-Colored Printed Slim Fit Co-Ord Set For Men

This dark-coloured printed co-ord set is perfect for enjoying the nightlife in the coastal areas. Be it clubbing or a sophisticated dinner date, you can flaunt this attire for all occasions. 

What Are The Essential Items For Men's Beach Attire?

Apart from a comfortable pair of pants/shorts and a funky shirt, here are some accessories that are compulsory in beach attire for men:

  • Sunglasses:
  • Sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays and allow you to enjoy the view without covering your eyes. Plus, a smart-looking pair of sunglasses can elevate your outfit to another level. 

  • Beach Hats:
  • Wide-brimmed hats and baseball caps are a stylish way to protect your face from tanning and sun damage. Opt for hats made from natural fibres like jute to complement your beach attire. 

  • Swim Trunks:
  • Men’s beach outfit ideas are incomplete without swimming trunks, which are essential if you want to swim or participate in any water sports. Invest in good-quality swim trunks, as they do not absorb water, do not get heavier, and do not cling to your body.

    P.S.- Always carry an extra pair, just in case. 

  • Flip-flops:
  • You would surely not want sand to get into your favourite pair of shoes! Casual sandals or flip-flops are the best footwear option for beach trips, especially for the day. These will keep you cool and comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about them getting wet. 

  • Tote bag for all your essentials:
  • Carry a fashionable tote bag that compliments your outfit. You can pick funky printed bags or simple jute tote bags, whatever suits your style. Also, carry a water bottle, sunscreen, an extra pair of shorts, and a towel for all your beach trips.

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    FAQs for Beach Wear For Men

    1. How Can I Make My Beach Outfit More Stylish?

    Adding the right accessories, such as sunglasses, hats, and footwear, can make men's casual beach wear more stylish. 

    2. What Kind Of Shirt Should I Wear To Look More Polished At The Beach?

    You should wear printed cotton shirts at the beach to blend into the beach vibe. You can choose vibrant colours and funky prints for your beach outfits for men, according to your taste. 

    3. What Is The Best Thing I Could Wear For Vacation On A Beach?

    For a beach vacation, always pack clothes made from lightweight natural fabric like cotton, as they will keep you cool and comfy in the hot and humid climate. You should go for casual shorts and T-shirts or co-ord sets. You can also pack a few cotton pants or trousers for lavish dinners and parties. 

    4. Which Colour Dress Is Best For Beach?

    If you are comfortable with bright colours, go for cool colours like teal, blue, and green colours to make a statement look. If you are not very fond of colourful clothes, you can go for neutral colours like beige, white, tan or brown for your men’s beach outfits.